Infant Development

Learn about our research on infant empathy and prosocial responding.  Find out how to participate with your infant today!
Oklahoma State University
About the study...
The purpose of this research study is to assess the early development of empathy and prosocial understanding in infants. While sitting on your lab, your infant will watch an interactive puppet show depicting prosocial and antisocial behaviors. Appointments will last 30-40 minutes.
So what exactly happens if we decide to particiapte in your study?
What will I do when I get there?
-You will complete a demographic questionnaire that will be used to assess ethnicity, SES, education level, and other information considered important to the understanding of the participants included in this study. This information will always remain confidential.
What will my infant do?
Your infant will sit on your lab while they watch a live puppet show.  The protagonist characters will be on the receiving end of a prosocial or antisocial action.  After viewing these actions, your infant will be given a choice of the two characters that were affected by the prosocial or antisocial action.  They will then get an opportunity to interact with the character they choose and their choice will be recorded. 
About the researcher...
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Evan Jordan, M.S.
Doctroal Candidate
I am a fourth year graduate student at Oklahoma state University with a masters in Developmental Psychology.  I specialize in infant cognitive and emotional development and how empathy develops and influences infant social evaluations. Following the current project I will graduate with my Doctorate and continue a career in infant development research.
" Play is the highest form of research" - Albert Einstein